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Animal Husbandry

Olohi Integrated farms, stocks a variety of animals which are of the best breed and from a reliable source. These include Cattle, Sheep (Nigerian, Niger, Cameroon, Sudanese and South African breeds), and Chicken, Geese, Giant Grass cutter, the popular West African dwarfs and good quality dogs for security and farm use. The farms also have other exotic animals in stock for your eating and variety pleasure.


Our farm stocks varieties of indigenous and exotic goats from various regions of the world for the pleasure of our numerous customers. These breeds include West African Dwarf/Pigmy goat, Kalahari Red goats from South Africa and other breeds.


Our rams at Olohi farms are sturdy and as natural as they can be. We at Olohi farm ensures they get the best humane treatment, knowing that our customers deserve the best.


At Olohi farms our Cows are sourced from breeds that are indigenous to Africa and other quality stock internationally. Like our other farms animals, they are fed strictly on natural diet so as to ensure that our customers get the best that nature has to offer.
grass cutter 

Grass Cutter / Greater Cane rat

Our Cane rats at Olohi farms are sourced from the wild as well as reputable farms all over Africa. At Olohi farms, our animal nutritionist ensures that our Cane rats are fed as though they are in the wild. This ensures that the essence of nature in them are retained and replicated in the farm.


Our rabbits at Olohi farms are well fed on their natural feeds to bring out the best in them. We at Olohi farms knows how beneficial rabbit meat is to diabetics and others hence we ensure our rabbits gets the best of balanced naturals feeds for the health benefits of our numerous customers, especially those with diabetes.