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Exotic Animals

At Olohi Farms, we stock some exotic animals for our customers pleasure. However, due to the need to keep our customers safe, we only stock animals considered as pets and basically harmless. At Olohi Farms, we are aware, it is dangerous to bring captive-bred wildlife into the suburbs, hence, we only stock few such exotic animals, which are considered as harmless for our esteemed customers. Our exotic animals include, Ostrich, Peacocks, Rabbits, Cats, Fishes etc. We also ensure our customers are also guided professionally while keeping the animal as pet.
japanese akita 


Our Dogs at Olohi Farms are pedigree, sourced from the best kernels and stock in the world to meet your every need. We stock mainly; Japanese Akita, German Shepherds, Rottweiler and St Bernards. We also arrange dog training to conform with your peculiar needs, ranging from Security, Pet, Guard and farm dogs. In the end, we ensure your dog preferences and personality are as you want it, be it Companion, Herding or Hound or Guard dog.


Olohi farm is a farm built solely on the belief that the world is beautifully and wonderfully made. Hence, to ensure our customers live as kings and queens in their own special palace, we stock Peafowl’s, specially bred and sourced to ensure the best breed and satisfaction to our customers.


Olohi farm parrots are sourced from the world’s most beautiful varieties just to ensure you have the best. At our farm, you can’t beat our reach. Our parrots can charm you out of your best grains.


At Olohi farm we stock high end Ostrich breeds, fit enough to beautify your kingdom. Our Ostrich are sourced from the best African breeds. We ensure the best professional before and after sales handling of the ostrich for the safety of our customers and our birds.


Olohi farms, stocks varieties of high end cats from various parts of the world. This ensures our client gets the best satisfaction that meets their fancy.